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Pharmaceutical marketplace enabling data-driven decision making in pharma supply chain

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These constitute a curated list of continuous medical education, continuous professional education, webinars with and without CPDs points.

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About Us

Patameds is a B2B e-commerce platform that facilitate marketing and distribution of medicines in Kenya.

It connects healthcare providers, retailers, hospitals, clinics, wholesalers, and distributors on a single platform to facilitate trade

Discover and connect directly to sellers and interested buyers to discuss trade

Our Client Roster

From our early days, we've been providing reliable service to our clientele.

We've had the honor of being the firm of choice of the following stakeholders:

Healthcare Provider
Healthcare Providers
Retail and Hospitals
Hospitals/Retail Pharmacies
Pharmaceutical Wholesalers
Pharmaceutical Wholesalers
Pharmaceutical Distributors
Pharmaceutical Distributors

Our Services

Our services


Online ordering

Enables retail pharmacies and hospitals to order medication from wholesalers, and wholesalers to order medication from pharmaceutical distributors


Data Analytics

Provides data analytics dashboards to the stakeholders based on the data generated from the e-commerce platform.


Omnichannel Marketing

Enables pharmaceutical distributors to market their products to healthcare providers within the platform.

Our Blog

These are Inspirational, Entertaining, News, Promotional, Community development content that address the benefits and how health systems can adopt technology.

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Tripleaim Software Limited

Who Are We?

We are a software company focusing on improving healthcare businesses through artificial intelligent software solutions.

We are the company behind Patameds platform.

Founded in 2020 with a focus on digitalizing healthcare practice. Our team consists of Healthcare providers, Digital health consultants, Content writers, web designers, software developers, and data analysts.

Our Vision

To contribute to the quality of life by making tools for healthcare

Our Mission

To strengthen health systems using intelligent software solutions

Core Values

  • Efficiency and Creativity
  • Collaboration and Partnerships
  • Constant improvement
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Learning

Our Services

  • Getting our clients more customers through digital marketing.
  • Building software that automates day-to-day tasks to save our clients on time, cost and improves productivity.
  • Providing actionable insight from our client’s data through data analytics using statistical software tools.
  • Providing predictions and decision support tools based on our client’s data.
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60653-00200 Nairobi

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+254 792 640 973

+254 726 115 048

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