Reduce time to market

Position your product to the right audience, at the right time on the right media to drive profitable customer action

reduce time to market

What you get

time to market

lower time to market

Augment medical representatives capability with analytics and engagement tools



Get online clients/orders from wholesalers within the platform – increase revenue

data driven decision

data driven decisions

Customer purchase data/ wholesale purchase data analysis for better decision-making in marketing, customer satisfaction, and inventory management.

generate demand

generate demand

Advertise on the platform to all Healthcare workers by promoting your products – decreasing time to market

expand your reach

expand your reach

Market through CMEs with CPDs to attract more healthcare workers

save cost and time

save cost & time

We send emails to our email list to market your special offers

Optimize your marketing

Omnichannel marketing has a huge potential in pharma, the integration Patameds has put in place enables this kind of engagement with providers, a win-win for everyone.

Leverage our Network to get more clients, Data to make better decisions in customer satisfaction, inventory management, and marketing; and Convenience to ease your operations

Optimize your marketing

Industry Expertise

Patameds is managed by pharmaceutical experts


Easy Start

Convenient to sell with ease and with great terms

Risk Free

Market Reach

Sell more to verified buyers and increase your revenue

Marketing strategies we use to market Patameds

Search engine optimization

Ensures our platform ranks at the top of the google search when people search for medication.

Content marketing

We generate content for healthcare practitioner’s education through blogging, videos with a definite objective like encouraging them to visit the platform

Social media marketing

We generate content and share valuable information on social media with a specific call to action.

Email marketing

We generate content and share valuable information on email with a specific call to action.

Paid digital advertising.

We generate content and share through paid digital advertisement to reach a wider target market

Tracking and Analytics

We use analytics, i.e., google analytics, social media analytics, e-commerce tools analytics to track the performance of campaigns and restructure our marketing strategy based on data to maximize ROI.

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