Brand Name: artesunate amodiaquine winthrop 50mg/135mg tablet
Strength: 50 mg / 135 mg
Formulation: tablet
Manufacturer: sanofi-aventis kenya
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Artesunate Amodiaquine Winthrop 50mg/135mg tablet

Inn of Api: artesunate / amodiaquine

Api Strength per Dosage: 50 mg / 135 mg

Dosage Form Name: tablet

Routes Name: oral

Shelf Life Name: 36 months

Retention Year: 2022

Local Technical Representative: SANOFI AVENTIS KENYA LTD

Retention No: 5413

Atc Code Name: P01BF

Pharmacotherapeutical Grade: antimalarial antiprotozoals: combinations of

Mah Company Name: sanofi-aventis kenya

Mah Company Address: p.o box 20337 - 00200 nairobi kenya

Mah Company Email:

Site Name: Chinoin Pharmaceutical & Chemical Works Private

Site Address: H- 2112 Veresegyhaz, Levai u. 5, Hungary

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